Welcome to KartVN, where passion for speed meets precision in the world of professional Go-Kart racing! At KartVN, we specialize in providing expert consultation and constructing top-tier Gokart tracks that cater to both indoor and outdoor enthusiasts. In collaboration with PSD, a renowned company recognized for its expertise in designing and building tracks internationally, we bring you an unparalleled experience in the realm of Go-Kart racing.

What sets KartVN apart is our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of the sport. We not only offer consultancy services but also take pride in being a leading importer of Go-Karts, spare parts, and safety equipment. Our extensive range of high-quality products ensures that you have everything you need to fuel your racing ambitions.

Why choose KartVN?

  1. Professional Consultation: Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through the entire process of planning and constructing your dream Go-Kart track. From layout design to safety considerations, we bring a wealth of knowledge to ensure your project is a success.

  2. Partnership with PSD: Teaming up with PSD, a globally renowned track design and construction company, allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet international standards. Expect nothing less than world-class tracks designed to thrill both racers and spectators.

  3. Imported Go-Karts and Accessories: As a trusted importer, KartVN brings you a curated selection of high-performance Go-Karts, genuine spare parts, and top-notch safety gear. We understand the importance of quality equipment in the world of racing, and we deliver nothing but the best.

  4. Passionate Team: Behind KartVN is a team of passionate individuals who live and breathe Go-Kart racing. Our love for the sport drives us to deliver unmatched services, ensuring that every project we undertake is a testament to our dedication.

Embark on a journey with KartVN, where speed, precision, and passion converge to create an unforgettable Go-Kart racing experience. Whether you are a seasoned racer, a track owner, or an enthusiast looking to start your own venture, KartVN is your trusted partner for all things Go-Kart. 

Contact us via linh.phan@frv.com.vn